Abortion Protocol

 Bovine, Camelid, Canine, Equine, Feline, Ovine, Porcine
  • All tests require that strict sample hygiene is used to prevent any cross-contamination between cases.
  • An intact fetus and placenta may be submitted.  If shipping precludes sending an intact fetus, please take note of the following requests.
  • Weigh the fetus and measure the crown to rump length if possible.  Determine the sex of the fetus and the approximate length of gestation if possible.  Note any gross  lesions.
  • Collect samples into a Whirl-Pak® or Ziploc® bag (no OB sleeves) for each fresh tissue collected.  DO NOT POOL TISSUES.  Clearly label bags with the name of the owner and the specimen contained within the bag.

Specimens to collect:
Fresh tissues: lung, liver, kidney, thymus, stomach contents, placenta, fetal fluid (thoracic/abdominal/pericardial fluid or heart blood)
Fixed tissues: lung, liver, kidney, thymus, placenta, brain, spleen, heart, thyroid, adrenal, skeletal muscle

NOTE: Send enough fresh tissue that samples can be submitted for bacteriology, virology and toxicology.

  • Refer to section entitled Shipping Protocols in Client Guidelines


Histopathology:  Slides on fixed tissues submitted (all species listed above)

Bacteriology:  Aerobic cultures on fresh liver, lung, placenta, and stomach contents (all species listed above)

Molecular Diagnostics/Virology:  PCR or FA on fresh lung, liver, thymus and kidney; include fresh spleen and adrenal for porcine (tests dependent upon species)

Serology:  IgG level on fetal fluids (abdominal/thoracic fluid, heart blood).  If level is high, further tests can be run dependent upon species.  Maternal titers for abortigenic agents may be requested (tests dependent upon species), paired sera samples preferred

Toxicology:  Selenium analysis on fresh liver (minimum 20 grams) as appropriate for the species is available at additional cost - plus shipping and handling

For tests and pricing, please call 541-737-3261.