Oregon's Lab, Your Lab

The Oregon Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory’s mission is to diagnose animal disease and protect Oregon’s environment and public health. We’re on the frontline monitoring for zoonotic diseases (those spread between animals and humans), spearheading the prevention and response to such diseases. 

In 2022, we ran more than 166,000 tests on 50,000 specimens from 168 species of animals.

As a visual example of the lab's impact across the state, see the heat maps below for a county-by-county breakdown of the lab's current testing for avian influenza, rabies and West Nile virus.

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the OVDL tested more than 300,000 human samples for the state of Oregon.

Oregon's Lab Needs Your Support 

The Oregon Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory is operating in antiquated facilities inappropriate for contemporary diagnostic needs and future disease threats. The OVDL needs a modern 21st century laboratory to respond to current and emerging diseases that threaten animals and humans alike. 

Oregon's Legislative Policy and Research Office report "Monitoring, Preventing, and Responding to Zoonotic Diseases in Oregon" identified the OVDL as "central to activities of the state’s zoonotic response framework," but legislative funding has not followed to support these activities.   

What can you do to support the OVDL in its mission to keep the public safe from zoonotic disease? Reach out to your state legislators. Urge them to support public health in Oregon by increasing state support of the Oregon Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, including the construction of a new 21st century laboratory to position the state to meet the challenges, known and unknown, on the horizon. (See below for a sample letter.)

Sample Letter To Your Legislators

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I recently learned about the role the Oregon Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory plays in our state’s public health system, and its response to zoonotic diseases like COVID-19.  

I am concerned about challenges the OVDL faces because of its outdated facilities and flagging state support not keeping up with the ever-changing disease threats on the horizon.  

The OVDL is Oregon’s One Health laboratory responsible for diagnosing animal diseases across the state, including beloved family pets, agricultural animals that are sources of our livelihoods and Oregon’s wildlife.

It is the only diagnostic laboratory in our state accredited by the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians and is a member of the National Animal Health Laboratory Network — a collection of laboratories across the country whose mission is dedicated to protecting animal agriculture in the United States.

The OVDL stepped up during the pandemic, pivoting to apply their considerable scientific expertise to address the emergency, rapidly developing the capability to contribute to human testing for COVID-19. In total, scientists at the laboratory performed more than 300,000 COVID-19 tests for the state of Oregon!

I urge you to recognize the vital role the OVDL plays in Oregon’s animal agriculture, protecting the natural environment, and the health of Oregon’s public and the animals in our lives and step up to support their current work and provide them with funds to design a new 21st century laboratory for Oregon.



Lab's Testing Impact in Oregon: Avian influenza, rabies and West Nile virus