Submission Forms - A form must accompany each submission. Example form with the necessary fields highlighted.

General Submission Form - Use for infectious disease testing, such as cultures, serology, rabies & PCR testing.
Clinical Pathology Submission Form - Use for clinical pathology testing, such as cytology, CBC & chemistry profiles.
Biopsy/Necropsy Submission Form - Use for histopathology and necropsy cases.
Multiple Animal Identification Form - Used to attach a list of animal ID's when there are too many to list on the standard form.
Supply Order Form - Used to request supplies, including: biopsy mailers, UPS labels, submission forms etc.

Tick Submission Form - Use for tick identification and testing

New Clients: If this is your first submission with us, please send the applicable new client form along with the OVDL Disclaimer and the OSU Revolving Charge Agreement.  

New Client Form - Individual
New Client Form - Veterinary Clinic
New Client Form - Research

OVDL Disclaimer
OSU Revolving Charge Agreement

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a problem that I don't have (or don't know) my account number?

  • No, we will create an account for you based off of the information you provide on your first submission to us. If you already have an account we can look it up based off of the contact information you provide.

Do I need to send payment with my sample?

  • No, we will bill you using the account we set up for you.

I've received an invoice, now what?

  • When your case is complete you will receive a report and an invoice. You can pay off of that invoice or you can wait to receive a statement from OSU Student Accounts. Statements are generated on or before the 5th of each month and payments are due by the end of the month.