• 1 – Inner jar with Formalin

  • 1 – Outer Jar with absorbent sheet

  • 1 – Seal-top Bag with absorbent sheet

  • 1 – Styrofoam container

  • 1 – Outer box


  1. Place specimens in formalin filled biopsy jars. Secure lid firmly and reinforce the seal with Parafilm or sealing tape. Label the jar with animal ID.

  2. Place the inner jar into the outer jar. The absorbent sheet should remain between the inner and outer jars.

  3. Place the jars into the seal-top bag with the absorbent sheets. Remove as much air out of the bag as possible and seal the top of the seal-top bag.

  4. Place the filled bag into the Styrofoam container. If needed, twist and fold over the top of the bag to better fit into the Styrofoam container. 

  5. Place the filled Styrofoam container in to the outer box and seal the ends of the box with tape.

  6. Place the assembly into a secondary box or courier overpack bag. Multiple biopsy mailers can be placed together in one secondary box or courier overpack bag. 

  7. Ship to:

    Oregon Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
    134 Magruder Hall
    Corvallis OR 97331-8555