Research at the OSU College of Veterinary Medicine is dedicated to solving some of the world's most challenging animal and human health issues.

CVM research focuses on the study of animal diseases from pathogenesis, to diagnosis, to treatment. Our approach is interdisciplinary and often involves collaboration with other colleges on campus. Our veterinary scientists are trained in comparative biology, and are able to work with colleagues in a wide arrary of disciplines to explore solutions to complex problems involving the interfaces between biosciences, physical sciences, social sciences, and engineering. 

The college provides research laboratory experiences for doctoral students, professional veterinary students and undergraduate students from other colleges on campus.

Signature Areas of Research


We are a member of the Comparative Oncology Trials Consortium (COTC), a network of twenty academic oncology centers, centrally managed by the National Institute of Health, that design and conduct clinical trials in dogs with cancer in order to assess new therapies. Current studies include: Efficacy of natural supplement Sulforaphane as a tumor suppressant, trial of new drug Rapamycin for bone cancer, and clinical trials with OSU College of Pharmacy's for new nanotechnology treatment of cancer.

Cognitive Aspects of Aging

Research on the cognitive decline that comes with aging, focused on glucose metabolism, the role of bacteria in the intestine, and the effect of the immune system on memory.


Numerous studies and clinical trials include: Use of Computed Tomography (CT) to measure cardiac output in dogs, dosing trials for drug treatment of ventricular arrhythmia, and role of bacteriological flora in pacemaker implantation.

Nutrition, Metabolism, and Immunology

Researched focused on balancing nutrients to achieve optimum metabolism and minimum inflammation. Impact on diseases like diabetes, kidney disease, and muscle diseases.

Infectious Disease

We are partners with College of Pharmacy and College of Public Health on the Global Infectious Disease Institute which investigates diagnosis, prevention and treatment of infectious diseases like Zika, yellow fever, and tuberculosis.

Faculty research summaries

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