Katja Zellmer

Associate Professor, Large Animal Surgery


My general research area is the pathophysiology and treatment of osteoarthritis – especially in horses. More specifically, we are currently investigating different routes of administration of the drug tiludronate, which is a bisphosphonate that decreases bone breakdown. This drug is exciting, as it is the 1st time that veterinarians are trying to affect the subchondral bone pathology in the development of osteoarthritis! Another area of research is the use of nanocarriers for the delivery of medication, gene therapy and interfering RNAs into osteoarthritic joints. Further, I am collaborating in the investigation into signaling changes that may be responsible for the development of osteochondrosis (a developmental joint disease) in foals, as well as in the use of synovial-derived cells for bioengineering of meniscal replacements in dogs. In the future, I am hoping that we will determine whether synovial-derived mesenchymal stem cells are of benefit in the treatment of osteoarthritis in horses.