CVM Advisory Council

The Mission of the Advisory Council is to advise and assist the dean in strategic planning, the development and implementation of short- and long-term goals, community outreach and service, and the garnering of financial support for education, research, and clinical and diagnostic care.

Membership of the Council shall not exceed 15 members. Consideration shall be given to a diverse representation. Members shall be selected by the dean in consultation with the Council and the College of Veterinary Medicine Cabinet.

The term of members will be three years and may be renewed. Appointment terms will be staggered with approximately one third of the membership being appointed every year.

All members shall serve on one of the following committees: Strategic Planning Committee or the Fundraising Committee.

Meetings shall be held twice per academic year. The Advisory Council had its first meeting in October 2009.

Advisory Council Members

Jeff Brant, Portland, Oregon

Dr. Jeff Brant is a co-founder of Banfield, The Pet Hospital.  As vice president for operations, he led the openings and development of the first 240 hospitals, including the acquisition of PetsMart Veterinary Services.  He was also vice president for strategic initiatives, president of Banfield International, and senior vice president of veterinary selection, all at Banfield, The Pet Hospital.  In October 2008, Jeff retired and is now a consultant.  He received his bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine from OSU in 1982, and received his D.V.M. from OSU in 1985.  He also holds an M.B.A. from Duke University's Global M.B.A. program.  Jeff is an avid hunter. 

Rebecca Camden, Bellevue, Washington

Rebecca Camden serves as the chief accounting officer for CHC Helicopter, Inc, a Vancouver BC-based company that provides a variety of global helicopter services including support of offshore platforms operated by major oil and gas companies. Prior to her appointment at CHC, Rebecca served as VP for accounting operations at Expedia, Inc., where she was responsible for worldwide operational accounting functions. Rebecca graduated from Stanford University with a B.A. in economics and anthropology in 1979. Her husband, Steve, received his bachelor’s degree in management science from OSU in 1977. Rebecca serves on the Girl Scouts of Western Washington Council Alumnae Advisory Committee and is a member of Telecom Professionals and Expedia Expatriates organizations. She is passionate about mini-Dachshund rescue and has several in her family.

Sharon Harmon, Portland, Oregon

Sharon Harmon is the Executive Director of the Oregon Humane Society (OHS) in Portland. Since 1869, the OHS has sheltered abandoned animals, fought cruelty and neglect, and worked to build a caring, compassionate community. In 2007, the OHS collaborated with the College of Veterinary Medicine to establish the Animal Medical and Learning Center, a model shelter medicine program that provides clinical training to fourth-year veterinary students in the areas of primary medical and surgical care. Sharon received her bachelor’s degree in zoology from OSU in 1981 and holds a certificate in non-profit business management from Johns Hopkins University. Her husband, Gary Kish, serves as the director of development for the OHS. Sharon is a member of the Society of Animal Welfare and has served as president of the National Federation of Humane Societies. She received the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Humane Award in 2008.

Kenneth W. Hick, Portland, Oregon

Dr. Kenneth Hick, President of Northwest Realty Group, Inc., has significant investment, finance, and marketing expertise. He earned a doctorate and a master’s in business from the University of Washington, and received a B.A. in Business Administration from Eastern Washington State College.  He taught business classes at University of Washington and the University of San Francisco. During his career, he has also completed 17 successful turnaround assignments and bought and sold 8 corporations at a profit. As an avid animal lover, Dr. Hick currently serves on the Board of the Cat Adoption Team, the Progressive Animal Rescue, and the Wild Cat Haven Foundation as well as the OSU College of Veterinary Medicine Advisory Council. He and his wife are wine enthusiasts as well and partner in ownership of Script Cellars, an award-winning winery.

John Maddigan, Salem, Oregon

John is co-owner of Willamette Valley Animal Hospital in Keizer, Oregon with his wife Sheri Morris, DVM ABVP. He dedicates many hours to helping non-profit cat and dog rescue organizations. Willamette Valley Veterinary Animal  Hospital has held 10 fundraisers in the last year for non-profit animal rescue organizations. John also works hard to raise funds for veterinary student scholarships at the OSU College of Veterinary Medicine. John has a Masters of Science in Management from Purdue University.

Vanessa Mariani, Hoboken, New Jersey

Vanessa Mariani received her MBA from Instituto Technologico Autonomo de Mexico with a focus on general management and international marketing, and received her BS from Universidad Nuevo Mundo, Mexico. She is currently a Senior Vice President for ICC Lowe, where she is charged with leading and evolving the animal health practice, overseeing a multi-disciplinary team of strategic planners, communication, marketing and advertising experts to develop professional (medical) and consumer facing strategic approaches for animal health companies. Her memberships include: American Marketing Associations, New York chapter; New Your Academy of Sciences; McKinsey Women Leadership Forum; and American Humane Association National Leadership Advisory Council.

Glen Pfefferkorn, Dallas, Oregon

Glen Pfefferkorn, a graduate of the University of Oregon with a degree in business administration, raised llamas in Oregon for over 25 years before retiring to Arizona. He served many years as the president of the Willamette Valley Llama Association and owner of Glenmor Forest LLama farm. Glen is a long time advocate for the OSU College of Veterinary Medicine and personally endowed the Glenmor Forest Llama Scholarship. He also mobilized the local llama community to establish the Willamette Valley Llama Association Scholarship. Most recently, he established the first endowed professorship in the college, the Glen Pfefferkorn and Morris Wendorf Endowed Professorship of Camelid Medicine.

Stanley D. Stearns, Jr., Gig Harbor, Washington

Stan Stearns is founder and president of Valco Instruments Co. Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of valves and fittings for precision analytical, biomedical and biocompatible instrumentation. Stan is also the founder of The Gabriel Institute, named after his beloved Saint Bernard who lost his battle with osteosarcoma in 2008. The institute supports development of new treatments for cancer. Stan has a BS degree from Florida State University, with graduate studies in chemistry. He is the holder of numerous patents and author of many articles in the field of analytical instrumentation. He is a member of the board of directors and his wife, Judy, is the secretary-treasurer of Kitsap Dog Parks, Inc., an organization that works to establish off-leash dog parks.

Connie White, Portland, Oregon

Dr. Connie White joined OSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine Advisory Council in fall 2014. She is especially interested in building better bridges between the College of Veterinary Medicine and the Portland veterinary community. She also looks forward to encouraging more research and teaching focus on primary care. Dr. White earned her PhD in genetics from OSU in 1995 and graduated with a DVM from OSU in1997. She is currently pursuing a Master’s in Public Health in Epidemiology and Biostatistics while working in companion animal primary care in Portland. She is interested in evidence-based medicine in primary care populations. She is also an avid cyclist and cross country skier.