Paraneoplastic thrombocytosis-induced systemic thromboembolism in a cat.

TitleParaneoplastic thrombocytosis-induced systemic thromboembolism in a cat.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsHogan DF, Dhaliwal RS, Sisson DD, Kitchell BE
JournalJournal of the American Animal Hospital Association
Date Published1999 Nov-Dec
KeywordsAnimals, Aorta, Thoracic, Bone Marrow, Cat Diseases, Cats, Diagnosis, Differential, Euthanasia, Fatal Outcome, Lung, Lung Neoplasms, Male, Paraneoplastic Syndromes, Thrombocytosis, Thromboembolism

A six-year-old cat presented with clinical signs consistent with distal aortic thromboembolism while clinical signs of cardiovascular disease were absent. Diagnostics, including thoracic radiographs, electrocardiography, and echocardiography revealed no cardiovascular anomalies. Thoracic radiographs revealed multifocal pulmonary lesions consistent with neoplasia. Complete blood cell count demonstrated a marked thrombocytosis, leukopenia, and neutropenia. Histopathology of the pulmonary lesions confirmed multiple bronchoalveolar carcinomas. Myelodysplasia with megakaryocytic hyperplasia and ineffective myelopoiesis was noted on bone-marrow histopathology from multiple sites. The absence of other causes suggested a paraneoplastic thrombocytosis. The diagnosis of paraneoplastic thrombocytosis-induced thromboembolism was made due to the lack of underlying cardiac disease and the presence of a marked thrombocytosis. The presence of thrombocytosis and thromboembolism associated with neoplasia is discussed.

Alternate JournalJ Am Anim Hosp Assoc