Becca Ruiz holds a puppy while on clinics

We're putting our student ambassadors in the limelight. Students from all four years of veterinary classes bring their expertise and experience to bear in helping you learn more about the DVM program and the student experience here at the Oregon State University Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine. 

Becca Ruiz | About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Becca, I’m in the Class of 2024 and I moved to Oregon from Albuquerque, New Mexico, where I attended the University of New Mexico for undergrad and have a B.S. degree in biochemistry and biology.

My current interests are emergency medicine, diagnostic ultrasound and rehabilitation. Upon graduation, I am going to pursue critical care and will be working at a small animal emergency hospital. Additionally, I’m currently working on my certification to become a canine rehabilitation practitioner.

My favorite part about Oregon is the unlimited amount of fun outdoor activities at our fingertips. Outside of class and work, you can find me riding bikes (probably too often), exploring Oregon with my Doberman and trying new beer!

If you have any questions about bikes, breweries or emergency medicine, I’m your person and I’d love to chat! You can contact me at


Why did you want to become a student ambassador?

My aspiration to become a student ambassador stemmed from my passion for building connections and engaging with aspiring students from diverse backgrounds. Coming from a unique and nontraditional path to veterinary school, I vividly recall the profound impact that speaking with veterinarians who shared similar journeys had on me. Their encouragement was invaluable. Now, in the role of a student ambassador, I find so much fulfillment in offering support and encouragement to prospective students. It's among the most rewarding aspects of my veterinary school journey, enabling me to pay forward the kindness and inspiration I once received.

What tip/advice would you offer to future students?

My best advice for aspiring students is to cherish the journey. There's a common tendency to fixate on the ultimate goal, inadvertently overlooking the daily joys. Yes, achieving your dream to become a veterinarian is important, but don't forget to also live fully as a friend, family member, and individual with diverse interests and aspirations beyond veterinary medicine. Remember, your medical school journey doesn't have to overshadow every aspect of your life for you to be successful. Embrace the opportunity to foster connections, contribute to our Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine community and explore paths you hadn't previously considered. Keeping an open mind can lead to amazing unexpected learning and growth!

What’s your favorite experience/memory of vet school so far?

This is probably the hardest question. One of my most cherished experiences from veterinary school thus far has probably been my involvement in the diverse array of clubs available to us. The different clubs offer so many engaging wet labs and informative lunch talks, providing a platform to bond with classmates across all four years who share similar interests. Serving as the co-president of the emergency medicine club for a year was a particular highlight, as it opened the doors for me to become the National Student Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society co-president and attend the International Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Symposium two years in a row. The experience of attending this conference was not only immensely enjoyable but also allowed me to forge lasting friendships with students from across the United States.