Tim Miller-Morgan, DVM

Assistant Professor - Aquatic Animal Health, Extension Veterinarian

Office: 541-867-0265
Fax: 541-867-3069

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Affiliated with: 
Veterinary Medicine
Hatfield Marine Science Center
Research/Career Interests: 
  • Ornamental Fish Health
  • Husbandry and health management of captive aquatic animals
  • Aquatic animal health and husbandry education
  • Words from a wet vet (blog)

Dr. Tim Miller-Morgan's primary focus is on providing educational programming and service to the aquarium industry in Oregon and beyond, to help wholesalers, retailers, and hobbyists succeed in the rearing, husbandry, and health care of ornamental aquatic animals in the aquarium or pond environment. He led the development of a new two-year Aquarium Science degree and one-year certification program at Oregon Coast Community College, and travels widely to educate aquatic pet owners, breeders, importers, and retailers about the proper care and handling of ornamental fish.

Selected Publications: 

  • Miller-Morgan, T. and Jerry Heidel (2009) Biosecurity and Ornamental Fish in Fundamentals of Ornamental Fish Health, Blackwell Publishing, 229pp.
  • Miller-Morgan, T. (2009) Overview of the Ornamental Fish Industry and Hobby in Fundamentals of Ornamental Fish Health, Blackwell Publishing, 229pp.

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