The Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program emphasizes the importance of core training in comparative biology and medicine, including all primary clinical disciplines and domestic animal species. Opportunities exist for elective training across a wide variety of more specialized subjects, such as zoo, exotics, and wildlife medicine, marine sciences, clinical nutrition, and various clinical specialties (cardiology, oncology, theriogenology, anesthesiology, internal medicine, and surgery). Our DVM program is delivered in-person at our beautiful campus in Corvallis, Oregon. It is not possible to complete the DVM program online.

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In addition to the DVM program, the College supports clinical training of interns and residents in the specialty disciplines of internal medicine, surgery, cardiology, anesthesiology, oncology, and theriogenology. Graduate degree programs in Comparative Health Sciences (MS and PhD) are integrated into the College’s active research programs, which focus on animal health, the interactions between animals, humans, and the environment, and the use of animal models to study diseases impacting public health.