Teaching Hospital Services

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The College of Veterinary Medicine offers public tours of its facilities to groups and individuals.

Clinical Trials

The Lois Bates Acheson Veterinary Teaching Hospital conducts clinical trials in conjunction with research on disease, diagnosis, and treatment of animals. View a current list of open clinical trials seeking participants.

Summer Veterinary Experience

The OSU Summer Veterinary Experience is a hands-on learning experience for academically talented high school students interested in veterinary medicine. The upcoming Summer Veterinary Experience will take place August 4-9, 2019 on the Oregon State University campus in Corvallis, Oregon.

Pet Day

Pet Day is one of the most popular annual events in Corvallis! There are lots of fun activities including dog agility demonstrations, a petting zoo, teddy bear surgery, hospital tours and more. Numerous booths provide information on animal health and wellness, nutrition, adoption and therapy. Other booths and displays feature llamas, goats, greyhounds, and reptiles. And there's lots of food!

Deceased Pet Donation Program

Honor your pet's life by donating its body to our Deceased Pet Donation Program. This supports veterinary education by allowing your beloved pet to live on through the training of the next generation of veterinarians. Donations are accepted by appointment only: 541-737-6864.