In late August 2018, Michael Keller noticed that his beagle, Beagley Beagley, didn’t have her same goofy personality. He knew she wasn’t feeling well and she continued to decline. 

Michael quickly took her to an emergency veterinary hospital near his home in Washington, but the hospital clinicians told him there was nothing they could do except keep Beagley Beagley as comfortable as possible. She had a urethral mass and the doctors believed she would pass away soon. Michael refused to let that be the care she received. The family started calling veterinary hospitals to see who could help. The Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine answered the call and was more than happy to take their case and get Beagley Beagley feeling better. After a few days on fluids, Michael and Beagley Beagley made the three-hour trek to Corvallis.

The clinicians confirmed her mass was transition cell carcinoma and started treatment. She received a double stent and several doses of mitoxantrone, an anti-cancer chemotherapy drug. This procedure would be the doctor's first double stent surgery on a beagle. Michael was impressed with the confidence of the doctor, and he knew it was that type of dedication and courage their family needed. He realized his instinct was right in choosing CCVM. After surgery, Beagley Beagley immediately showed signs of improvement. While there had been local progression of the cancer, there were no signs of distant metastasis. Michael was elated and felt that Beagley Beagley had been given a second chance at life.

Beagley Beagley continues to thrive with her family in Washington. Because of her diagnosis, she struggles with urinary tract infections, but responds well to antibiotics. She is coming up on two years since her initial cancer diagnosis, and Michael credits her survival to CCVM. Beagley Beagley is still a patient at CCVM Michael commends the facility for always being available for an appointment. He and his family cannot say enough good things about the care she continues to receive from the clinicians, staff and students.

“People need to know how great the doctors and staff are towards the whole family.” Michael recalls, “we are blessed for having OSU on our side.”