TitleAge-related deficits in mice performing working memory tasks in a water maze.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsMagnusson, KR, Scruggs, B, Aniya, J, Wright, KC, Ontl, T, Xing, Y, Bai, L
JournalBehavioral neuroscience
Date Published2003 Jun
KeywordsInbred C57BL, Mice

This study determined whether mice exhibit spatial working memory deficits with increased age. C57BL/6JNia mice of 3 different ages were tested in the Morris water maze with 2 protocols designed to assess immediate and delayed working memory abilities. Young mice required multiple trials in order to show improvements in the working memory task. Deficits in immediate working memory were detected in both 10- and 24- to 26-month-old mice. Reference memory deficits and declines in performance in the delayed working memory task were only seen in 24- to 26-month-olds. This increased susceptibility of immediate working memory processes to the aging process in mice may be related to their need for more rehearsal in the water maze than other species.