TitleA case of Borrelia-associated cutaneous pseudolymphoma in a horse.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsSears, KP, Divers, TJ, Neff, RT, Miller, WH, McDonough, SP
JournalVet Dermatol
Date Published2012 Apr
KeywordsAnimals, Borrelia, Borrelia Infections, Female, Horse Diseases, Horses, Pseudolymphoma, Skin Diseases, Bacterial

This case report describes a 10-year-old horse that developed multiple dermal papules over the right masseter area following removal of a tick from the same site 3 months earlier. Histological examination of a biopsy from a papule was suggestive of either a T-cell-rich B-cell lymphoma or cutaneous lymphoid hyperplasia, a form of pseudolymphoma sometimes associated with a tick bite. Positive serological testing and PCR of the biopsy sample for Borrelia in conjunction with immunohistochemical testing of the skin biopsy, the clinical history and response to treatment with doxycycline strongly supported the diagnosis of Borrelia-associated cutaneous pseudolymphoma.

Alternate JournalVet Dermatol
PubMed ID22029872