TitleComparison of sensory nerve conduction velocities in horses versus ponies.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1988
AuthorsBlythe, LL, Engel, HN, Rowe, KE
JournalAmerican journal of veterinary research
Date Published1988 Dec
KeywordsTranscutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation

Normal sensory nerve conduction velocity (SNCV) values in 8 ponies and 8 horses were compared by use of a percutaneous signal-averaging technique. Nerve fibers evaluated included those in the medial and lateral palmar and plantar digital nerves. Mean SNCV values were significantly slower (P less than 0.0002) for horses, compared with those values for ponies. Animal height and nerve segment length were inversely related to SNCV consistently. The SNCV values were affected by surface skin temperature by a factor of approximately 1.2 m/s change for 1 degree C change in temperatures from 35 C. The ability to calculate warning limits to define those SNCV values in normal and abnormal ranges were developed from these data for both ponies and horses.