TitleComparison of serum cytokine concentrations between healthy dogs and canine osteosarcoma patients at the time of diagnosis.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsAllende, C, Higgins, B, Johns, JL
JournalVet Immunol Immunopathol
Date Published2020 Sep
KeywordsAnimals, Dog Diseases, Dogs, Female, Interleukin-12 Subunit p40, Interleukin-8, Male, Osteosarcoma

Systemic immune responses in cancer patients are of tremendous importance, both to advance understanding of disease mechanisms and for development of new diagnostic testing. Minimal published information is available on the systemic cytokine response in canine osteosarcoma (OS) patients. The goal of this study was to investigate serum cytokine alterations present in OS patients at the time of diagnosis. Serum samples from 22 canine OS patients at the time of diagnosis and 18 healthy control dogs were evaluated via multiplex immunoassay for 14 analytes. Significant increases in serum interleukin-8 (IL-8) and interleukin-12p40 (IL-12p40) concentrations were found in OS patients when compared to healthy controls. The results correlate with several published studies on serum cytokine alterations in human OS patients. These data add to the growing body of knowledge on immunologic alterations in OS, including potential immunomodulatory therapy of canine patients, and support future studies on serum cytokine testing to investigate diagnostic and prognostic utility.

Alternate JournalVet Immunol Immunopathol
PubMed ID32559421