TitleComparison of tibial plateau angles in small and large breed dogs.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsSu, L, Townsend, KL, Au, J, Wittum, TE
JournalCan Vet J
Date Published2015 Jun
KeywordsAnimals, Body Size, Dogs, Female, Male, Retrospective Studies, Stifle, Tibia

Cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) disease can affect dogs of all sizes. The literature describing tibial plateau angle (TPA) in small breed dogs is limited. A retrospective study was conducted in unselected dogs presented for stifle or tibial examination to compare TPA in small breed dogs (n = 146 dogs, 185 stifles) versus large breed dogs (n = 200 dogs, 265 stifles). Small breed dogs had a mean TPA 3.1° ± 0.6° higher than large breed dogs. There were higher TPAs in spayed females and castrated males for all dogs compared with intact males (3.6° ± 1.0° and 2.7° ± 1.0°, respectively). Dogs with unilateral and bilateral CCL disease had higher TPAs compared to dogs with intact CCLs (2.0° ± 0.7° and 2.5° ± 0.8°, respectively). Tibial morphology differs between large and small breed dogs; however, the significance of the impact of TPA on CCL disease in small breed dogs is unknown.

Alternate JournalCan Vet J
PubMed ID26028684
PubMed Central IDPMC4431160