TitleCross-species analysis of the canine and human bladder cancer transcriptome and exome.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsRamsey, SA, Xu, T, Goodall, C, Rhodes, AC, Kashyap, A, He, J, Bracha, S
JournalGenes Chromosomes Cancer
Date Published2017 04
KeywordsAnimals, Biomarkers, Tumor, Dogs, Exome, Female, Humans, Male, Species Specificity, Transcriptome, Urinary Bladder Neoplasms

We investigated the correspondence between transcriptome and exome alterations in canine bladder cancer and the correspondence between these alterations and cancer-driving genes and transcriptional alterations in human bladder cancer. We profiled canine bladder tumors using mRNA-seq and exome-seq in order to investigate the similarity of transcriptional alterations in bladder cancer, in humans and canines, at the levels of gene functions, pathways, and cytogenetic regions. We found that the transcriptomes of canine and human bladder cancer are remarkably similar at the functional and pathway levels. We demonstrated that canine bladder cancer involves coordinated differential expression of genes within cytogenetic bands, and that these patterns are consistent with those seen in human bladder cancer. We found that genes that are mutated in canine bladder cancer are more likely to be transcriptionally downregulated than non-mutated genes, in the tumor. Finally we report three novel mutations (FAM133B, RAB3GAP2, and ANKRD52) for canine bladder cancer.

Alternate JournalGenes Chromosomes Cancer
PubMed ID28052524