TitleInhibitory effects of polyphosphates on Clostridium perfringens growth, sporulation and spore outgrowth.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsAkhtar, S, Paredes-Sabja, D, Sarker, MR
JournalFood microbiology
Date Published2008 Sep
KeywordsBacterial, Spores

This study evaluated the effects of various polyphosphates (SPP, STPP, SAPP and TSPP) on growth, sporulation and spore germination of Clostridium perfringens, and germination and outgrowth of C. perfrinegns spores in poultry meat. We have found that the requirements of polyP (0.8-1.0%) to inhibit C. perfringens bacterial growth were higher than those reported for other bacteria. Sub-lethal concentrations of polyP significantly (p<0.01) inhibited sporulation of C. perfringens by reducing sporulating cells (heat-resistant cells) approximately 5-6 log(10). While C. perfringens spores were able to germinate in the presence of 1% STPP, their outgrowth was significantly (p<0.01) inhibited. Finally, a significant (p<0.01) reduction of survival of C. perfringens was observed when meat samples contaminated with a cocktail of spores of C. perfringens isolates carrying enterotoxin gene on the chromosome were treated with 1% STPP. Collectively, this study demonstrated the inhibitory effects of polyP on growth, sporulation and spore outgrowth of C. perfringens, and suggests that polyP can be used not only as an enhancer of the functional properties of meat products, but also as a promising C. perfringens antimicrobial agent.