TitleLymphangiosarcoma in 12 dogs: a case series (1998-2013).
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsCurran, KM, Halsey, CHC, Worley, DR
JournalVeterinary and comparative oncology
Date Published2014 Feb 26

Lymphangiosarcoma (LAS) is an uncommon malignant neoplasia arising from lymphatic endothelium; little information exists regarding therapy. Single institutional retrospective review for canine LAS histopathology diagnoses over a 15-year period yielded 12 dogs. Ten dogs were presented for a mass and/or swelling at cervical, trunk or limb regions. Prior to diagnosis, 10 dogs received empiric wound therapy. Cytology performed in 10 consisted of mild inflammation. Survival ranged from 60, 168 and 876 days for three dogs with palliation; 90 days with prednisone in one; 182 days with chemotherapy in one; 240, 267, 487, 630 and 941 days for five receiving surgery; and 574 days for one receiving surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. One dog is alive with recurrence at 243 days following surgery and carboplatin chemotherapy. Clinical improvement existed in LAS dogs receiving multimodal therapies. Early tissue biopsies are recommended for progressive oedematous lesions of unknown origin.