TitleTransvenous extraction of an abandoned endocardial pacemaker lead in a dog.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsLeBlanc, N, Scollan, K, Sisson, D
JournalJ Vet Cardiol
Date Published2014 Mar
KeywordsAnimals, Dog Diseases, Dogs, Equipment Design, Male, Pacemaker, Artificial

A 6-year-old male castrated labrador retriever presented with endocardial pacemaker infection following migration and subsequent repositioning of the pulse generator. An epicardial lead and pulse generator were surgically implanted and the endocardial lead could not be removed with manual traction. The endocardial lead was severed, anchored, and abandoned at the thoracic inlet. The patient presented 4 months later with endocardial lead migration, bacteremia, and suspected glomerulonephritis. The endocardial pacemaker lead was transvenously extracted using a mechanical dilator sheath and locking stylet. This report of transvenous pacemaker lead extraction in a dog addresses the challenges and describes recent advances in extraction devices.

Alternate JournalJ Vet Cardiol
PubMed ID24480718