small animal vets

Clinical activities and procedures:


  • Blood gas analysis
  • Biopsy and cytologic evaluations
  • Bone marrow sampling and evaluation
  • Continuous glucose monitoring
  • Endocrine testing and disease management
  • Endoscopy
    • Bronchoscopy and rhinoscopy
    • Cystoscopy and urethroscopy
    • Esophagoscopy and laryngoscopy
    • Gastroduodenoscopy and colonoscopy
Intensive Care Unit Capabilities:
  • Chest tube placement with continuous evacuation
  • Direct arterial and central venous pressure monitoring
  • Oxygen-enriched treatment modalities
  • Parenteral nutrition and feeding tube placement
  • 24-hour telemetric ECG, BP and oximetry monitoring

Clinical Faculty

Lisa Brownlee, DVM, DACVIM
Helio de Morais DVM, MS, PhD, DACVIM-Small Animal Internal Medicine and Cardiology
Jana Gordon, DVM, DACVIM
Craig Ruaux, BVSc, PhD, DACVIM


Candice Bailey, DVM
Yuri Lawrence, DVM, MA

AAHA accredited referral


Lindsay Compton, DVM
Beth Marks, DVM
Matthew O'Donnell, DVM