Referring veterinarians are contacted by telephone within twenty-four hours of their referred client’s appointment. During this initial contact, the clinician in charge of the case will be introduced and the preliminary diagnostic or treatment plan can be discussed between caregivers. Phone contact is made with the referring veterinarian again within twenty-four hours of discharge. A written discharge report is delivered to the referring veterinarian within seven days of patient release from the hospital.

Fees and payment

The Lois Bates Acheson Veterinary Teaching Hospital receives no state funds to subsidize the care of its patients. For this reason, fees at the VTH are similar to those at private veterinary practices.

The cost of diagnostic testing, hospitalization, and treatment varies depending on the complexity of each case brought to the hospital and the treatment required. Estimates are provided during the initial office visit prior to the commencement of any procedure or service.

A deposit equal to fifty-percent of estimated expenses is required at the time of hospitalization and the balance is due upon the patient’s discharge. The hospital accepts personal checks as well as both MasterCard and Visa for payment of fees.