Large Animal Referrals


The hospital operates on an appointment basis. Either veterinarians or clients may call to make an appointment. It is suggested that: 1) a referral form be sent with the client at the time of the appointment; or 2) it can be emailed; or 3) can be faxed to us at 541-737-8651, or 4) the veterinarian can telephone the Veterinary Teaching Hospital prior to the appointment time, in accordance with the American Veterinary Medical Association Guidelines for Referrals, 1980.

Cases will be assigned to a clinician in the most appropriate specialty as schedules allow. It is also important to note that a case may be transferred to another clinician within the Veterinary Teaching Hospital in order to provide the best possible care for an animal. It is also possible for several clinicians to be involved in the same case, but a primary, or attending clinician will be designated. It is also important to note, as a teaching hospital, veterinary students will be actively involved in each case.

Referring Veterinarian Communication Policy

Communication between the Veterinary Teaching Hospital clinical faculty and referring veterinarians is extremely important. Every effort is made to contact referring veterinarians by telephone within 24 hours after patients have been admitted (within 48 hours if admission occurred over a weekend), notifying them how the animals are being managed and identifying the clinician in charge of each case. Updates on patient status will be made on a regular basis by the clinician or a member of the treatment team.

When a patient is discharged, the clinician will send a discharge form or letter with diagnosis, treatments, and treatment instructions home with the client. A copy of the discharge form or letter discussing the treatment, diagnosis, and prognosis of each case is sent to the referring veterinarian. Should there be questions concerning the case, the referring veterinarian should contact the hospital during business hours.

Telephone communication

The Veterinary Teaching Hospital reception desk is staffed from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Please contact our receptionist at 541-737-2858 to make an appointment or to contact one of the clinicians.

Clinicians from the various service areas will be available at different times during the day for consultations with veterinarians and/or their clients. If the clinician is not immediately available, a message may be left for the clinician to return your call.

Fees and payment

Clients should be informed that the Veterinary Teaching Hospital must charge for its services. Clients should also be prepared to leave a deposit for half of the estimated bill when animals are admitted. The remainder is due when the animal is discharged. Fee estimates may be obtained by calling the reception desk. The hospital will accept personal checks as well as both MasterCard and Visa for payment of fees.

Small Animal Referrals


The hospital is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Clients are received by appointment following referral by their veterinarian. Client schedules usually can be accommodated.

Case management is significantly facilitated when the clinic is supplied with a thorough medical history, previously performed clinical laboratory data, and copies or originals of any radiographs or other imaging modalities (ultrasound, for example). The small animal clinic does not currently offer emergency services, but emergency care is provided for patients in treatment at the clinic.

To schedule an appointment, call
541-737-4812 or 541-737-4813

Phone Consultations

Phone inquiries regarding difficult cases are encouraged. If not immediately available, one of our staff will contact the referring veterinarian within 24 hours. Please let the staff know if the case is particularly urgent.

For phone consultations, call 541-737-4814
This line is reserved for referring veterinarians

Fees and Payments

The VTH receives no state funds to subsidize the care of its patients. For this reason, fees at the clinic are similar to those at private referral practices. The cost of diagnostic testing, hospitalization, and treatment varies depending on the complexity of the case and the treatment required. Estimates are routinely provided to the owner during the initial office visit. A deposit equal to 50 percent of estimated expenses is required at the time of hospitalization and the balance is due upon the patient’s discharge.


Referring veterinarians will be contacted by telephone within 24 hours of their referred appointment. During this initial contact, the clinician in charge of the case will be introduced and the preliminary diagnostic or treatment plan can be discussed between caregivers. Phone contact will be made with the referring veterinarian again within 24 hours of discharge. A written referral report will be delivered to the referring veterinarian within seven days of the discharge communication.