Christiane Löhr

Professor, Anatomic Pathology

My research focuses on the molecular pathology as it applies to a wide range of diseases especially carcinogenesis, cancer prevention and treatment and infectious diseases. The Löhr laboratory pursues research in three primary areas:

1. Anatomic pathology including the development of new diagnostic assays, pathology of aquatic animals and new world camelids, and forensics.

2. Cancer biology and diagnostics.

3. Pedagogy and instructional technology. 

As a board certified anatomic veterinary pathologist with an appointment in the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory I encounter new or poorly understood disease conditions with regularity. Such cases provide excellent opportunities to identify specific, potentially novel, causes and mechanisms of disease processes. Much of my research is conducted in collaboration with colleagues in the College, on campus and outside the University. I find it very rewarding to provide critical input and data to large projects and to contribute to the training of researchers at all levels.