Christopher Cebra

Dept Chair - Clinical Sciences
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Office: 541-737-4456 (Department Office)
Fax: 541-737-6879

Magruder Hall

Magruder Hall 107B

700 SW 30th Street

700 SW 30th Street
Corvallis, OR 97331

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Affiliated with: 
Veterinary Medicine
OSU Main Campus
Research/Career Interests: 
  • Gastrointestinal disorders of ruminants and camelids
  • Production-related disorders of cattle
  • Neonatology
  • Non-traditional (pseudo) ruminant species
My Publications


Journal Article

K. M. Patton, Bildfell, R. J., Anderson, M. L., Cebra, C. K., and Valentine, B. A., Fatal Caprine arthritis encephalitis virus-like infection in 4 Rocky Mountain goats (Oreamnos americanus)., Journal of veterinary diagnostic investigation : official publication of the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians, Inc, vol. 24, no. 2, pp. 392-6, 2012.


Journal Article

R. J. Quesada, M Gorman, E., Cebra, C. K., Verdugo, C., and Mosley, C. A., Direct colloid osmometry in healthy New World camelids., Veterinary clinical pathology / American Society for Veterinary Clinical Pathology, vol. 40, no. 2, pp. 248-52, 2011.


Journal Article

J. M. Martin, Valentine, B. A., and Cebra, C. K., Clinical, ultrasonographic, and laboratory findings in 12 llamas and 12 alpacas with malignant round cell tumors., The Canadian veterinary journal. La revue vétérinaire canadienne, vol. 51, no. 12, pp. 1379-82, 2010.