Photo of Dana Tsuchida holding a cat with text that says 'Dana Tsuchida: Class of 2023'

We're putting our student ambassadors in the limelight. Students from all four years of veterinary classes bring their expertise and experience to bear in helping you learn more about the DVM program and the student experience here at the Oregon State University Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine. 

Dana Tsuchida | About Me

Hello! My name is Dana from the Class of 2023. I go by the pronouns, she/her/hers. I’m a first-generation Japanese American, who is originally from the East Coast (New Jersey) and graduated with a bachelor's in animal science and minored in art history at Rutgers University. While things are slightly different from my home state, I definitely enjoy the community and beautiful nature in Oregon! I even adopted two cats here (one was my surgery group’s patient)! When I’m not studying, I enjoy spending time with them and exploring and listening to music. 

My veterinary goal is to further my education in integrative medicine to provide care to a variety of animals, including exotics/wildlife. I recently acquired my Certificate of Veterinary Acupuncture and am currently completing my Certificate of Veterinary Tui-na Practitioner at Chi University. Studying abroad in Japan and Belize made me realize the importance of diversity in this field. I hope to continue participating in nonprofit organizations in and out of the United States. 

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Why did you want to become a student ambassador?

I believe that I came this far in my veterinary journey with the help of others. I hope to return the favor to the community around me through mentorship and outreach. 

What tip/advice would you offer to future students?

One thing to remember is that veterinary medicine should not be a competition! It may be difficult (and all of us do this), but there’s no need to compare yourself to others. You should be confident in your own experiences and have hope in your future goals. Never lose hope if this is truly the path you want to take! Finding your passion in veterinary medicine and deciding how you want to go forward in your path are all exciting but can be challenging choices. 

What’s your favorite experience/memory of vet school so far?

The use of acupuncture for animals is growing in popularity, but something that is still not well known. As a certified acupuncturist, I had the opportunity to provide acupuncture to patients. Acupuncture is an adjunct therapy for many conditions. Most often it is used as an additional treatment for pain management, which can be useful for animals suffering from osteoarthritis, post-surgical procedures and chronic illnesses. However, I believe acupuncture has a place for every animal, whether it be those dealing with separation anxiety, cardiac diseases and neurological disorders. Common benefits of acupuncture are muscle relaxation, improvement of blood circulation and inflammation reduction. I am thankful that many of my colleagues and veterinary staff are supportive of my interest in integrative medicine.