Katy Townsend, DVM, BVSc(hons) MS DACVS-SA

Associate Professor - Small Animal Surgery

Office: 541-737-4812 (Reception)
Fax: 541-737-4818

Magruder Hall

Magruder Hall 277

700 SW 30th Street

700 SW 30th Street
Corvallis, OR 97331
2012 - Ohio State University, Small Animal Surgery Residency; 2012 - Ohio State University, MS Comparative and Veterinary Medicine; 2004 - University of Sydney, BS Veterinary Science
Professional Affiliations: 
American College of Veterinary Surgeons 2013–Present; Veterinary Society of Surgical Oncology 2012–Present

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Veterinary Medicine
OSU Main Campus
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Research/Career Interests: 

Soft-tissue surgery, surgical oncology, minimally invasive surgery.




I am a clinician scientist, who uses best practice to give your animal the best chance for a great quality of life.

My research focus involves studying how tumors spread throughout the body, specifically to lymph nodes. Accurately determining whether cancer has spread is important to assess prognosis, what further treatment is necessary and what surgery we recommend. We cannot determine based on anatomy alone if cancer has already spread to lymph nodes, so we are looking into emerging imaging and intraoperative modalities to determine this.  My collaborators and I are assessing individualized staging for dogs and cats with wide varieties of cancer, to give our pets individualized treatments based on their individual disease process. Our research efforts ultimately will result in individualized patient care by allowing us to determine whether each dog or cats cancer has spread. This will help us determine what further treatment we should perform.